London marathon


London Marathon Route

The ultimate London Marathon Route / Travel / Hotel Guide.

I've written this site based on five years of running the London Marathon.

It started as notes for friends & family but now by popular demand it's a website! Hope you find it useful, and if you are running good luck!

How To Use The Map

Using your mouse you can explore the route by 'dragging' your mouse around the route. Zoom can be controlled via the slider in the top left. You can change the map style in the top right ( Hybrid / Map)

London Marathon Hotels
My top 5 hotels for the London Marathon are:

For an explantion as to why these are the top 5 read here: What hotels for the London Marathon?
London Marathon Travel
Top tips on travel to and from the London Marathon. Great advice for runners or spectators.

London Marathon Spectator Guide

The best places to watch the London Marathon.

Spot Your Friends Running
Using our unique 'Real Runner Tool' see where your friend or family will be at each mile.