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London Marathon Travel


The most effective way to travel around London on Marathon day is via the London Underground and Docklands Light Railway, DLR.

London Marathon runners and officials travel for free - simply show your runners number or officials pass.

Non runners or officials will find it much quicker to travel using an Oyster card.

An Oyster Card is a electric cash card that works on a Pay-As-You go basis. Not only does this mean you do not have to queue to purchase tickets, queues are very big during marathon weekend, but it also ensures you pay the cheapest price.

The London Underground runs very regularly, assuming all is okay and the DLR has trains running every 2-3 minutes during the weekend.

For details of which station and stop for which mile see our spectators guide.

Ten Five Tips

1) Buy your oyster card online well before the marathon and top it up ready for the day.

2) Print and take a tube map with you.

3) Before leaving your hotel/house check the underground line you are planning on using is working correctly, easily do this by ringing Transport For London +44 (0)20 7222 1234. Save the phone number in your phone, it is very useful!

4) Beware of unlicensed taxi drivers offering tours or touting for business around the route - often these are not insured or licensed so anything could happen! Also travel via car is not suggested this weekend due to the large road closures and traffic.

5) Mobile phone reception is often very poor due to the large amount of people trying to use them, try to organise places to meet people and times before the day.

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