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After running the London Marathon 5 years in a row, here is my top 5 hotels:

Hotel Prices From Why?
Ibis £51 Budget but walk from Greenwich park - the start!
Holiday Inn £85 Cheap and always full of runners and runners friends so great atmosphere
Novotel £93 Great value for what it is and good location for start
Hilton Canary Wharf £169 Slightly more upmarket rooms and good location for start
Shangri La Hotel At The Shard £350 Utter luxury, brand new hotel for 2015 inside the world famous shard!

The first time I ran the London Marathon I did not get a hotel room, I wish I knew then what I knew now and had! Every other time I have always booked a room and booked it early.

Basically thousands of runners are all trying to head into central London by car, bus and train. This makes things run slowly and problems can occur. It can also be very stressful, not the relaxing start you need before the race!

Anyway back to what hotel to choose: 5 Things to look at when booking your room
  1. How far is it from the start and how will you get to the start from the hotel – I always use a taxi. However check the road closure notice to ensure you do not get stuck! Choose a hotel near Greenwich or central London, don't be fooled by the name - check the location.

  2. What do they offer for breakfast? If it is only a fatty fried breakfast this might not be ideal, all the ones I have listed below have always offered a healthy option and most even do porridge.

  3. Do they offer easy early check out? You do not need hassle trying to leave your room and get to the start. Check before you book.

  4. Book through a website that offers a price promsie, sadly a lot of hotels put the price up for the London Marathon, if you have a price promise you know your getting the best deal - or you wil get the difference back. Hotels offer such a promise - read about it here.

  5. If you have left it late don't worry Laterooms nearly always have rooms somewhere - my friend booked with them 1 week before!


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